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ReliablE-Ly Effective

Deer Fence

The Reliable Deer & Deer Tick Mitigation System™

It’s no secret that we all live in constant threat of contracting Lyme Disease. Deer, which carry Deer Ticks, which cause Lyme Disease – have all been on the rise in our area for the past 20 years.

Unlike electric, underground dog fences, for instance, the Reliable Deer & Deer Tick Mitigation System™ will:

  • Keep deer out of your yard
  • Minimize deer ticks you remove from loved ones
  • Drastically reduce your risk of contracting Lyme Disease

The Reliable Deer & Deer Tick Mitigation System™ was designed by fencing experts to naturally blend into New England’s wooded landscapes. All fence components are coated in black-colored vinyl material. The mesh is stretched between posts without the use of a top-rail, causing the system to disappear into the background. And the construction of the fence ensures it can easily be woven around and between trees and bushes, through forests and around obstacles.

The Reliable Deer & Deer Tick Mitigation System™ is designed for the budget-minded homeowner, and was created to maximize the ease of installation and minimize the materials used, thus keeping your costs reasonable.

Engineered by Experts

Reliable Fence has designed the ideal fencing system to combat this growing health risk. Here are just some of the benefits of this new system:

  • Minimally Obtrusive: Our engineers painstakingly designed an all-black vinyl-coated system that results in minimal visible obstruction.
  • Top Quality: Engineered only from top quality components crafted & tested to withstand years of New England weather.
  • Cost Effective: Our deer fencing system costs 40%-60% less than a typical, high-quality New England fence.
  • Incredibly Effective: An underground, electric dog fence — or a regular tick spraying program alone — can only partially combat the growing Lyme program – it can’t keep deer out of your yard. With The Reliable Deer & Deer Tick Mitigation System™ you have an incredibly effective alternative.