Sign and finalize the proposal

  • Sign and date in the blue boxes at the bottom of the proposal.
  • Also, under “Terms & Conditions” on the left-hand side, initial in the little blue boxes by #4 and #5.

Choose a payment option

There are options listed in the yellow box at the bottom left-hand corner of the proposal.

  • Most people choose the check option – 50% up front, 50% upon completion (also by check).
  • If you have any options on your proposal, make sure to circle them or cross them off so we know exactly what you would like done.
  • Take a copy of the proposal, mail it back to us with your deposit check, and we’ll get you scheduled.

Once you’re scheduled

  • We will send you a letter confirming your order. This letter will give you the approximate wait time for your fence installation.
  • About a week or two later, you will receive a blue postcard or an email that gives you a 1-2 week range for your installation.
  • As that window approaches, the Scheduler will give you a call to provide an update.

Have Questions? Need HELP?